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Asians & Friends Cleveland

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P.O. Box 25095

Cleveland, OH 44125-0095

Email: afcleveland@aol.com

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Member of International Friendship Alliance (IFA) and affiliated with Long Yang Club International (LYCI)

Asians and Friends Cleveland hosted the International Friendship Weekend 1998, showcasing their friendly members, beautiful city and cultural landmarks.

Events included the traditional welcoming party with a Gala Piano Bar at the Sheraton Cleveland City Center Hotel, Taste of Cleveland Food Fair, workshops, museum visits, gay beach volleyball and enough free time to visit other attractions on our own, such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, just a few blocks from the hotel.

On Sunday night we were treated to a boat cruise on Lake Erie aboard the Goodtime III...and what a good time we had, enjoying a lovely buffet dinner, socializing, and dancing under the stars.

What most people considered the best of IFW '98 were the informal gatherings at the IFW hospitality suite, where attendees could relax and meet new friends. ó
A&F Washington (modified)

IFW 1998 Cleveland

What started out in 1988 as a small informal gathering of Asians & Friends members from Washington and New York to celebrate the DC groupís fourth anniversary (followed by a reciprocal visit to NYC in 1989), has blossomed into an exciting international social and educational gathering every Labor Day weekend (1st weekend in September). The International Friendship Weekend (IFW) offers fun and information, but also support and camaraderie for Asians and those interested in Asian culture. This annual event draws hundreds of people from all over the globe and has been held at a variety of locations in the United States, Canada, England and on the high sees. (Click here for more information about the history of IFW.) The roster of venues includes:

1990 Washington, DC

1991 Chicago, IL

1992 San Francisco, CA

1993 Pittsburgh, PA

1994 New York, NY

1995 Dallas, TX

1996 London, England (LYC)

1997 Los Angeles, CA

1998 Cleveland, OH

1999 Washington, DC

2000 Chicago, IL

2001 Houston, TX

2002 South Florida/Bahamas (on the Majesty of the Seas)

2003 Pittsburgh, PA

2004 Philadelphia, PA

2005 Toronto, Canada (joint iCON/IFW)

2006 San Francisco, CA (joint IFW/iCON)

2007 Minneapolis, MN (joint iCON/IFW)

2008 Berlin (iCONóno IFW event in 2008)

2009 Atlanta (ifCON)

2010 Caribbean Cruise (ifCON-sponsored by AF Chicago)

2011 Houston, TX (ifCON)

2012 Denver, CO (ifCON)

2013 San Diego, CA (ifCON)

2014 Washington, DC (ifCON)

2015 New Orleans, LA (ifCON-sponsored by AF Houston)

2016 Chicago, IL

2017 Montreal, QC

2018 Palm Springs, CA Click here for info & to register.

A brief history of IFW/ifCON

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